Jerry Jones Says He’s Not Embarrassed by Cowboys Because His Stadium is Dope


Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones has no worries because Cowboys Stadium is packed and he is making money.

I do believe Jerry cares if the Cowboys win or lose, but he is the type of personality that can’t admit failure, so he’s a glass half full type of guy.

So, instead of saying he is embarrassed, he rather point how well business is going.


  1. He is a typical businessman and his own PR machine. Cowboys have another mediocre season (and I say this as a fan), and he just spins it to talk about how profitable the team is. He knows coaching decisions must be made, but as long as Cowboys make money and put butts in the seats, he’s okay.

    Is it right? Not really…but unfortunately that’s all you’ll get out of Jerry. God forbid he ever admits he’s in over his head.

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