Jets David Nelson Hosting Foster Kid Who Made Headlines


Back in October, a 15-year old boy name Davion Only who was born in prison and raised in foster care stood up in front of a church in St. Petersburg, FL and begged for a family who could adopt him. The story made headlines across the nation, and touched the heart of NY Jets WR David Nelson.

Nelson has a nonprofit organization called i’mME to aid orphaned children, so he felt compelled to do something according to Yahoo Sports.

”It’s a powerful story. I read it and just felt a calling to reach out to Davion.”

”My reasoning was to get him out here, get him to the football game and get him around the guys, not so he could be blessed by the guys but so the guys could meet him and kind of be blessed. He speaks on behalf of all the orphans across America who are in his shoes, to speak on behalf of the voiceless.”

Nelson became an advocate for kids after taking a trip to Haiti Memorial Day weekend in 2011, which was the impetus for starting his organization.

‘I find inspiration in these kids. When you talk to them, you can tell there is still hope and you can see it in their eyes. They know they have a purpose and they just don’t know how to bring it to the surface. There’s greatness inside of them, but it just isn’t being ignited.”

Nelson plans to give Davion the time of his in NYC, and I’m sure it will be a trip the young man soon won’t forget.