Jets Sheldon Richardson: “I Am The Defensive Rookie Of The Year”


If you don’t know who rookie Jets defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson, don’t worry because he’ll inform you on all his credentials.

Richardson, the 13th pick in the 2013 draft, can partly be congratulated for Rex Ryan getting an extension.  Richardson finished fourth in the NFL among defensive linemen with 77 total tackles and had 31/2 sacks. He also had two rushing touchdowns.

When asked if the draft was redone where he would be selected, Richardson of course says No. 1 overall.  On Monday during the teams exit interviews with the media, Richardson told Newsday that theres “no doubt” he’s the defensive rookie of the year.

“Most definitely,” the Jets defensive tackle said Monday as he and his teammates cleaned out their lockers after Sunday’s win over the Dolphins in the regular-season finale. “It’s not even a question.”

“I am the defensive rookie of the year,” he said. “That’s just how I feel. If anybody has an opinion about it, they can always state their opinion. It’s just me.”

When asked for an assessment of his season, the ever-confident Richardson surprisingly said: “[I] wasn’t a bust. That’s the only thing I tried to do is not be a bust and live up to my first round [draft selection].”