Jim Schwartz Curses Out Lions Fans


I guess he knows he’s getting fired, so he is going out swinging.

2 thoughts on “Jim Schwartz Curses Out Lions Fans

  • I would one day like to see the word fired no longer associated with coaching. I think the proper term is reassigned. These coaches will surely be coaching at another team next year.

  • Enough with the excuses already, if Schwartz spent some of that misdirected anger towards running his team, they may have played better. It is time now to move him out and replace him immediately. I know many high school coaches that could do a better job than him.
    Jim, your misdirected emotional anger towards the fans goes to show that you have lost your way in coaching this team. You accepted the responsibilities to turn this team around and you have not been able to do so, and have dropped to an immature level on lashing out at the fans. Shame on you. Time to make some serious changes!

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