Kenny Smith Says LeBron Is In Denial About His Hairline (Video)


I can feel Kenny Smith on this one.

I grew up in the era of Michael Jordan, Malik Yoba, and other gentleman who made having a bald head cool.  I can honestly say with proof to match that I’ve been rocking a baldy by choice since I was 15 years old.

LeBron James doesn’t see it that way, and plans to fight tooth and nail to avoid having to shave his head bald.  TMZ caught up with Kenny Smith from TNT’s Inside The NBA.


The brilliant analyst and former Houston Rockets guard didn’t try to fight it, and cut his hair off years ago.  Smith told TMZ that LeBron is in denial about his hairline, and needs to tackle it before it gets him.

“I’m from the school of thought [where] I let things go before they let me go.”