Khloe Kardashian Thinks Lamar Odom Might Be Gay (Video)

Lamar Odom stops at Blockbuster to pick up DVDs before heading back home in his limo

The suspicions allegedly comes from the drunken video below. You can see Lamar shirtless with his boy rapping about cheating on Khloe on the DL.

DL means the “Down Low”, doesn’t necessarily mean he is cheating with a man, but that is their code word.

Here is how Khloe is taking it.

A video posted on Nov. 22 shows the former L.A. Lakers star and his best pal Jamie Sangouthai performing a rap duet while both are standing bare-chested in a bathroom.

Lamar, who admitted to being drunk when he filmed the video, can be heard slurring as he raps: “And when Khloe’s out of town, I still be on the DL.”

“Khloe is devastated,” disclosed a family insider. “She thought things were getting better, but now she’s being slammed with rumors that Lamar is gay.

“She never understood why Lamar lost interest in having sex with her earlier this year, but if he’s living a secret gay life, that could explain it.”


*Update* Khloe has now filed for divorce. 

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  • Hell he married a DL man.

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