Khloe Kardashian’s New Reality Show Will Be About New Loves & Matt Kemp


khloe-kardashian 2

You didn’t think the Kardashian clan was just going to stand pat during Khloe and Lamar’s divorce did you? Kris Jenner already has started the wheels in motion on a new reality show about Khloe focusing on her life after the divorce.

“Kris is going to turn Khloe’s marital misfortunes into a huge profit. She wants to produce a reality based on Khloe’s new life as a single woman searching for love,” a friend of the Kardashian family allegedly told

“She thinks it’s a fantastic idea and wants to start taping as soon as possible to capture all of Khloe’s raw emotions,” the source explained.

Matt Kemp could be the centerpiece of the new show even though a source says they aren’t sure if their friendship will blossom into something more serious.

Kardashian insider adds: “It could be heading [romantic] in the future, but Khloé wasn’t spending time with him when she was still with Lamar. She absolutely wasn’t. People need to remember that she and Lamar haven’t lived together since June.” 

Everything is about cashing out with the Kardashians, so no one should be surprised.


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