Knicks Think Orange Jerseys Are Cursed

melo orange

Do you believe in curses? Well if you do, you might think the New York Knicks orange jerseys are to blame for them being 0-6 while wearing them. According to the New York Post, they are now free to stop wearing them because they have fulfilled the leagues minimum games requirement in them:

If he wishes, the eccentric Dolan can forever shelve those new alternate orange jerseys after the Knicks fell to 0-6 in the uniforms with Sunday’s 114-73 disgrace to Boston at the Garden.

According to an NBA official, the Knicks have now fulfilled the minimum requirement for the number of times they have to wear the brand new, all-orange jerseys that appear as haunted as Halloween.

The NBA official told The Post the Knicks can wear the uniforms a maximum of 18 times this season and no fewer than six times under league rules.

I know sports people tend to be pretty superstitious and I don’t want to beat the Knicks down but they just stink right now. What will help them is getting Tyson Chandler back in uniform of any color so they can play better defense.