Kobe Bryant Fires Back at Jim Brown on Twitter

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Yesterday it Jim Brown expressing his dislike for Kobe Bryant spread around the internet like wildfire. Now that we have entered the phase in Kobe’s career where he admits he listens to all this stuff and is really honest about his thoughts, he has fired back:

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Hey if Brown had the right to say he didn’t like Kobe, then Kobe can disagree.

5 thoughts on “Kobe Bryant Fires Back at Jim Brown on Twitter

  • Like many black athletes, Kobe has alot of self hatred. He hates his dad, he insults and disrespects his own mother and he keeps a long distance away from his sister. He absolutely loves his wife’s side of the family. This is exactly what the white man wants; destroy your own and we will give you millions. Sadly so many black men and women took the bait! You saw what happened on the Ellen show yesterday!

  • Jim Brown always keeping it real.

  • There aren’t any black ahtletes who want to be like Jim Brown. There are dozens if not hundreds of black athletes who are living and behaving like OJ. You guys already know what happened to Orenthal James!

  • NBA Is Fixed, you do know that Kobe’s wife isn’t white right?

  • I know that Kobe’s wife isn’t black. I also know that Kobe was arrested for screwing around with a becky. Kobe came this close to ending up like OJ!

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