Kobe Bryant Out 6 Weeks With Broken Leg

Dallas Mavericks v Los Angeles Lakers

The amazing thing is Kobe played a full quarter with a fracture in his leg. Kobe just signed a new deal and it looks like he did it just in the nick of time.

The Lakers have been hit hard by injuries and even if they don’t want to tank, that might not be a bad thing for them. There will be impact players in this year’s draft and they desperately need some youthful explosive players on their team.

One thought on “Kobe Bryant Out 6 Weeks With Broken Leg

  • Smart move Jim Buss. You sign an old injured player to a two year deal worth close to $50 million dollars. Now the old mamba is out for six more weeks. The Lackers lack a competant owner. The Lackers lack a good coach. The Lackers lack a star player. Finally the Lackers are lack luster.

    Here is an old statement by Jim Mora that I direct to the Lackers and all Lackers fans: “Playoffs? don’t talk about playoffs, playoffs!

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