Kyle Orton: “I Just Threw A Bad Pass”


There was a different quarterback under center for the Dallas Cowboys, but the result was eerily similar in the season finale against the Eagles.

With Tony Romo at home recovering from back surgery, Kyle Orton was the one to throw the late game interception this time that sent the Eagles to the playoffs, and the Cowboys home for the off-season with their third straight 8-8 record.

When asked about the interception, Orton didn’t make any excuses, and when asked by the media, said he simply “threw a bad pass.”

“I just threw a bad pass,” Orton said. “Miles ran a great route. It was the same play we scored on the play before, went to Miles this time. I just threw it behind him and the guy made a nice catch of the ball.”

Cowboys owner and general managerJerry Jones said he thought Orton played well, overall.

“It’s extremely disappointing for our fans,” Jones said. “I thought Kyle Orton, even though he ended up with the two interceptions, I thought if he could play a game, the way Kyle played tonight, I thought we had a good chance to win it, especially backed up by the kind of defense we played tonight. This is very disappointing.”

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