Kyrie Irving: Andrew Bynum Has Things He Needs To Address (Video)


I think we as a media may have gotten some things wrong when we tried to point Dion Waiters as the rotten apple in the Cleveland Cavaliers locker room.

If you recall, Waiters, Irving, Bynum and several other Cavs were all involved in a shouting match after a nasty early season loss.

Today the Cavs actual team cancer surfaced again when Andrew Bynum was suspended for conduct detrimental to the team. 

Some reports say that Bynum no longer wants to play basketball, while others say this is just Andrew being Andrew, and trying to bully his way to a playoff team, and warm weather.

Kyrie Irving was asked about Bynum before the Cavaliers took on the Celtics, and he didn’t pull any punches when he said that “Bynum has things he needs to address.”


One thought on “Kyrie Irving: Andrew Bynum Has Things He Needs To Address (Video)

  • Kyrie I think you got it wrong. You need to address your problem. Why you are not able to run a team. Bynum is gone and the problem is still there. You dribble to much, you have poor clock management you shot to much and you don’t make your team better. I think Kyrie you need to adjust your problem because you are running out of excuses.

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