Lamar Odom Blames Khloe for Strained Relationship With Kids


It has only been a week since Khloe Kardashian filed the papers to end her four year marriage to NBA baller Lamar Odom and the gloves are already starting to come off. Lamar Odom is now blaming his estranged relationship with his children on Khloe.

More details via the The Hollywood Life:

Lamar is blaming Khloe for “monopolizing his time,” and making it difficult for him to see his kids, a source close to Lamar explained EXCLUSIVELY to “He put a lot of energy into [his marriage] and that Kardashian lifestyle and he lost track of his relationships with his family, especially [his father] Joe and his kids,” claimed the source.

Sources from Kardashian’s camp are claiming the exact opposite stating that she is the only reason he ever saw his kids and that she planned their visits. As a man you shouldn’t allow anybody to keep you away from your children no matter the circumstance so I’m not buying it. This is just the beginning. I anticipate things getting worse before they get better between these two.