Lawrence Taylor Says It’s Time For Tom Coughlin To Go

New York Giants v San Diego Chargers

I’m not sure Lawrence Taylor should be the one sounding off when it’s time for a coach to go, but he has an opinion, and we will gladly listen.

Taylor like most former professional greats, will always have a say about the comings and goings of the franchise they helped make famous or successful.

Lawrence Taylor is no exception, and recently sounded off on the job status of one Tom Coughlin.  Taylor told the New York Post that it’s “time for him to take his talents on the road.”

“He’s done all he can do for the Giants. If he wants to coach, I think he needs to take his philosophies to another team,” Taylor said, via Kevin Kernan of the New York Post. “After a while, the players just stop listening. I respect the man, but it’s time. As much as I like Coughlin and the job he has done, it’s time for a shakeup.”

Coughlin’s two super bowls allow him the ring protection to play out the 2014 season on his terms.  Tom Coughlin has one year remaining on his deal, and the Giants should spend most of that time focusing on reshaping the roster, and finding a new coach to lead the regime going forward.