LeBron James’ High School Hummer For Sale On Ebay (Photos)

Raptor Fans Boo LeBron James For Dancing.

The 2003 customized Hummer given to LeBron James by his mother on his 18th birthday, is now being auctioned off on Ebay with a”Buy It Now” price of $64,800.

According to Sports Illustrated, James’ mother reportedly secured a loan for the $50,000 truck from a bank in Columbus even though she lived in public housing at the time. He was the subject of scrutiny because regulators believed he was gifted the vehicle illegally by an agent or some other outside party. Check out some photos of the Hummer below.



lebron-james-hummer-8lebron james hummer

You can’t help but wonder how a woman living in public housing can afford a car so expensive. I guess when you know your son is potentially the greatest basketball player of all time and will make millions one day, you can afford to take financial risks like Gloria James