LeBron Says He’ll Decide When He’s Ready To Play Again



LeBron James will not be rushed back or told when he is going to play again. Even if he is playing the Indiana Pacers. LeBron turned his ankle against the Jazz on Monday night but said he had soreness the next morning. When asked about his availability he had this to say:

“I’m going to sit if I’m not feeling comfortable (Wednesday) night,” James said. “It doesn’t matter who we are playing. Obviously, if it was a playoff game, I would play. We are a long-term team, and I am a long-term player. I’m going to try my best to police myself on this one.”

I actually agree with LeBron on this one. It seems like he is taking the right approach to the latest “statement” game for the Pacers since he knows his team and his legacy is now judged on championships only.

There are only a handful of guys in the league that could get away with this though.


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