LeGarrette Blount Wants To Return To Patriots


We make fun of the Patriot Way, and the premise that playing for Bill Belichick and around certain players in a solid locker room can change your fortunes as a player.

LeGarrette Blount is the latest player to flourish in New England after not being wanted on another team.  According to the Boston Herald, Blount has been the most solid and dependable running back of the lot for the Patriots.

A guy who was traded for nothing, has worked out perfectly for the Patriots.

‘‘I just came in with an open mind. Whatever they needed me to do, I was willing to do it,’ Blount said yesterday. “Because of some things that have happened throughout the course of the season, I’ve gotten the role that I have now. I’m just trying to embrace it, and take the biggest advantage of it, that I can.”

Blount is a free agent after the season, but believes he has a home in New England.

“I like it here a lot,” he said. “The environment’s a lot different (than Tampa Bay). The coaches are different, the players are different. There’s a huge difference here. We win a lot of games here.”