LeSean McCoy Hopes Tony Romo Plays Sunday


Depending on if you believe the Cowboys or reports, Tony Romo either just has back spasms or he played Sunday with a herniated disk. Obviously the herniated disk would put the Cowboys QB out for the season. Well there is one interested Eagles player that hopes he can play on Sunday. LeSean McCoy:

“I don’t believe that. Are you for sure?” he asked on his weekly radio show on 94WIP, via The Philadelphia Daily News. “I would love to have Romo out there. You want your best. You want everybody playing in the showdown for the NFC East title. You wait this long and put everything into it? The hard training in the offseason, get the new coach … We’re finally here at the last game … You put all your chips on the table … We’re all in.”

I actually like it when players want to get the other teams best shot and beat them at full strength. Given Romo’s reputation for choking games away with interceptions, you couldn’t blame McCoy for wanting to see Romo out there. I know privately the Eagles are happy that they will get Kyle Orton instead of Romo though.

Things are more interesting when Romo is out there so I hope he plays for entertainment value alone.