LeSean McCoy Learned His Shifty Moves By Running From A Rottweiler


LeSean Shady McCoy has moves reminiscent of the kind of latteral shiftyness not seen in a running back since Barry Sanders walked away from the game.

McCoy has had moves since his high school days in Harrisburg, PA.

That ability to switch and cut on a dime was on full display last week as he had no problem getting through the snow on his way to 217 yards and two touchdowns in the 34-20 Eagles victory over the Lions.

McCoy’s older brother LeRon told Jeff McLane of  the Philadelphia Inquirer that he learned his shiftiness from playing with a big Rottweiler named Zues.

“When we were kids we had this Rottweiler. Big dog. His name was Zeus,” LeRon McCoy said recently. “LeSean is about six years younger than me and we used to go to this football field across the street from my house and take our dog for a walk. And I would tell LeSean, ‘Bring your pads, your helmet, and a ball.’ “

LeRon says when they went to the field he’d hand Shady the ball and tell him to run.  The rest is what we call history.

“He would be growling, biting on me – not hard because he was playing,” LeSean said. “But I never knew if it was me or he thought it was play time. So I’d be running from him, shaking him.”

LeSean would throw the ball away as far as possible, but Zeus kept after him.

“He would try to stop and start so the dog wouldn’t get him,” LeRon said. “But he stood no chance.”