LeSean McCoy: There’s A Big Gap Between Barry Sanders And Me


LeSean McCoy has heard the comparisons between himself and Barry Sanders. Thankfully McCoy isn’t buying or agreeing with those comparisons.

McCoy says it’s flattering that his elusive running style is often compared to the former Lions great and Hall of Famer, but Shady is fully aware that his body of work isn’t even close to Sanders at this point and time.

“I don’t really see it as a comparison,” McCoy said during his Wednesday news conference at the NovaCare Complex, as the Eagles prepared to host the Lions tomorrow. “I think Barry is probably the best running back to ever play this game. They compare us probably because of the cutbacks, but there is still a big gap between us two.”

Shady is definitely right.

The only thing LeSean and Barry Sanders have in common are their elusive shifty running styles.  Barry Sanders put up monster numbers from day one.

Sanders led the league in rushing four times, was second in the NFL in rushing three times, was third once, fourth once and fifth once.

McCoy has never led the league in rushing and has only been in the Top 10 once before.

H/T Philly.com