Lions Are 7-7, Yet Have League High $162 Million Payroll


The Detroit Lions are a mess and I’m not sure it can be fixed anytime sooner.  The Lions have a championship window that they need to take advantage of, because it’s about to close really quickly.

The 7-7 Lions are set to fire Jim Schwartz if they don’t make the playoffs, and the GM might be next.  The capped strapped Lions have the highest salary cap in the NFL with a $162 million payroll.

That number and stat alone is why Schwartz has to go.  Stafford and Johnson are on the books heavy, with new deals for Suh, and Nick Fairley approaching.

3 thoughts on “Lions Are 7-7, Yet Have League High $162 Million Payroll

  • If Matt Stafford were black he would be riding the pine like Paul Bunyan.

  • Giving Johnson all that money was well deserved but Matt Stafford throws so many INTS. With so many young talented QBs coming out of college the league is getting more competitive and the door is closing fast.

  • It kills me that RG3 gets blamed so much for the Redskins problems but none of these sports reporters are placing heavy blame on Stafford. Stafford reminds me of former NFL quarterback Jeff George; strong arm but inaccruate passer.

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