Man Breaks a Month-Old Baby’s Leg For Interrupting Him Playing XBOX

Paul LeJeunessee

I hope Paul stays in jail for a very long time, but also I am concerned that he was even allowed around the child when according to the story his behavior was troubling from the start.

Here are the details.

A Citrus County man broke a month-old baby’s leg in frustration over having to stop playing video games to change a diaper, deputies said.

20-year-old Paul Lajeunesse is currently being held without bond on a charge of aggravated child abuse.

According to the baby’s grandmother, Lajeunesse — who spends most of the time at the home and does not work — had been getting upset at having to routinely change the child’s diapers, and she had worried at how he was handling the baby while doing so.

The baby’s mother lives at the home, but attends school during the day, so the grandmother is the baby’s primary caretaker.

Please be more aware of who you are allowing to take care of your kids.