Marc Trestman: There’s “No Question” Jay Cutler Will Start Against Packers


The Bears will play the Green Bay Packers next Sunday for the chance to win the NFC North, and gain a spot in the playoffs. After getting bombed by the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night, there are still questions about who the quarterback of the team should be.

According to, Bears coach Marc Trestman dismissed any potential quarterback controversy immediately after last night’s 54-11 loss, saying there was “no question there” Jay Cutler was going to start over Josh McCown in the regular season finale.

We lost the line of scrimmage,” Trestman said, via Michael Wright of “We didn’t do as good a job as obviously we’ve done at protecting Jay. He got hit probably more in this game than he’s been hit at any time during the season.”

The Bears were atrocious on the offensive line last night, so it doesn’t matter who the quarterback would have been.