Marcin Gortat Unhappy With Role in Wizards Offense

marcin gortat


Issues like this crop up quite often on bad teams and make no mistake about it, the Washington Wizards aren’t a good team.

Marcin Gortat joined the Wizards prior to the start of the season and according to a story courtesy SB Nation, he’s already unhappy.

“I just don’t like the position I play. I’m constantly drifting more and more away from the basket. Quite honestly, that’s not my game. I’m capable of making or two plays like that but I feel more comfortable underneath the basket,” Gortat said. “I just got to talk to coach and clear things up. Just make sure we’re on the same page.”

The funny thing is Gortat is actually having a decent season for the Wizards averaging 13.1 points per game while shooting 53.9 percent from the floor so things can’t be that grim, can they?