Maria Sharapova Says She Has No Respect For Serena Williams Off The Court

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Cat fight in the tennis world?

Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams are the biggest names not only just in women’s tennis but the sports world as a whole, but news of their dislike for one another hasn’t been a secret.

Sharapova is still recovering from a shoulder injury, and hasn’t played much since. She opened up in an interview for the NY Times in which she was candid about her relationship with Serena both on and off the court, via USA Today:

On the court, I have the utmost respect for her; I really do,’ she said of Williams.

And off the court?

‘It’s different,’ she said.’I don’t know what it is, but it’s different, and to me, even though that tennis is such a huge part of our lives, at the end it’s such a small part of our lives, and I value so many other more important things in life than just the sport.’”

Odds are Sharapova will backtrack her statements as she normally does.

Someone has to tell her, if she has nothing nice to say just to keep mum on the situation. The fact Serena dominates Sharapova head-to-head always makes whatever shots she takes at Serena fall pretty flat, as it is.

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  • keep dat shit 700 northstreet tho

    • Serena is no role model on or off the court and I must say Maria is most gracious win or lose. I will take Maria any day as I am tired of Serena’s tantrums – enough already. Grow up!

  • Its the repeated ass kickings that Maria got from Serena that caused this statement believe that. Also Maria is no woman of virtue herself so she can kill all that noise. Serena and Venus icons of that sport

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