Mariano Rivera Says He’s Getting Jeter Blow Up Doll As Wife For Christmas (Video)

Mariano Rivera Christmas

While in attendance at Dick’s Sporting Goods “Gift Locker”, former Yankee’s great Mariano Rivera was asked what gifts he would give his former teammates.  His gift choice for Derek Jeter was classic.

For longtime bachelor Derek Jeter….“female doll so he would have a wife”

Jeter wasn’t Rivera’s only gift victim…I mean gift recipient.

For free agent Robinson Cano…. a piece of paper” to sign and call a contract
For graying manger Joe Girardi….“a bottle of hair dye”
For jazz musician ex-teammate Bernie Williams…”a better guitar”

Who knew Rivera was so witty?

During Dick’s “Gift Locker” Rivera personally handed out gifts to lucky winners, including some of his favorite sporting goods equipment, along with a few special surprises from his personal collection.