Mark Cuban: Jerry Jones “Would Be Crazy” To Fire Jason Garrett


There has been speculation for weeks about the future and job security of Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett.  Garrett actually has one supporter in the city, and he’s an owner.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban told ESPN Dallas that Jerry Jones would be crazy to fire Jason Garrett as coach of the Cowboys.

“I think Jerry would be crazy to fire Jason Garrett,” Cuban said Thursday of the Dallas Cowboys owner, without prompting on the subject. “Not that he would, but the hardest thing to do — and I’ve said this before — is hire a head coach. That’s the hardest thing to do in professional sports, in my opinion.

“I think unless a coach loses the locker room, regardless of the sport, or there’s just something fundamentally wrong, you go with it. Then you go out and you get the best players you can and you go to war. I’m not an NFL expert by a long shot, but I don’t seem to see any of those while watching the Cowboys fans as a fan.”

Cuban actually echoed what a lot of people having been saying.  It’s not the coaches causing the Cowboys heartache, but more like the players.

Cuban said it’s counterproductive to be swayed by public opinion on a position so crucial to a franchise’s success.

“Because you don’t care about the media,” Cuban said. “The last thing you care about is how the media responds. Maybe you come out after the fact and explain your logic so everyone understands and you have some transparency.

“I don’t give a damn about what Twitter says or what the feedback is on Twitter or in the media, because that’s the worst way to make a decision. You’ve got to do what you know is right, based off the information that you have. I don’t think Jerry will do anything different than that. It’s exactly what I would do. We’ve had situations where everybody was questioning us. I told you guys many a time: ‘Talk all you want. We’ll still be here figuring it out.’”