Matt Kemp Asked About Dating Khloe Kardashian His Response (Video)

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The woman asking the questions was kind of creepy to me.

With that being said, she did set them up well, before getting to the money question about Khloe.

According to TMZ their relationship is in the early stages and they are taking it really slow, so Kemp’s way of handling the question makes sense.

3 thoughts on “Matt Kemp Asked About Dating Khloe Kardashian His Response (Video)

  • Kemp don’t need that headache in his life….he already did the Rhianna episode…he better be smart….it aint worth it……

  • So Matt Kemp hellbent on ending up like all the other dudes involved in that family of serpents

  • “No love life… just baseball.” I hope that’s true. TMZ trying to cover for Khloe and her pimp mama with the taking it slow BS is encouraging. They’re trying to cover their bases so hopefully, that was all just a publicity stunt Kemp wasn’t even really aware of.

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