Matthew Stafford Says Working With a QB Coach “Isn’t My Thing”


Matthew Stafford clearly has some of the best arm talent in the NFL. What he often lacks that leads to many interceptions is his mechanics and footwork. It makes sense that someone would ask him about working with a QB coach this off season after struggling down the stretch. His response pretty much shut the door on that :

His full quote is:

“It’s not something that I feel would be my style or beneficial to me,” said Stafford. “I have not (considered a QB tutor).”

Stafford and the Lions for that matter would greatly benefit from him getting his mechanics and footwork down. The problem is that he has been getting by with only his arm strength for too long as has not gotten comfortable doing things the way he does.

Perhaps a new coach can talk him into it since we all expect Jim Schwartz will be fired.

One thought on “Matthew Stafford Says Working With a QB Coach “Isn’t My Thing”

  • Apparently winning footall games isn’t Matthew Stafford’s thing. Detroit needs a new quarterback along with a new head coach!

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