Metta World Peace on Knicks: “This team is stacked”

NBA: New York Knicks at Atlanta Hawks

Metta World Peace is still confident in his team. In an interview with USA Today’s Jeff Zillgitt about the team and his role within it, he said:

“I’m ready for whatever’s presented,” he said. “I had a pretty good preseason, and I was playing really consistent. I felt I was doing enough to prove that I was ready. Not to prove, because I don’t have anything to prove anymore. This team is stacked. I knew that. I knew I was going to play behind (Carmelo Anthony). I didn’t expect to play as much as four. I thought they’d be playing ‘Melo a little bit more. I knew coming into the season that it wasn’t going to be the same but I was ready.”

I think I understand what Mr. Peace was trying to say. I don’t expect him to say the team isn’t good (at least not publicly) but saying the team is stacked is a bit of a stretch.

You have to love the confidence but no team where the star player says the team is a laughingstock can be stacked.