Michael Irvin on RG3’s Treatment: Would They Bench Andrew Luck?



Michael Irvin has been weighing on several topics this week, and of course he had to weight in on the Robert Griffin III/Mike Shanahan fiasco in Washington.

If you’ve been under a rock, Mike Shanahan benched and deactived Robert Griffin III for the final three games of this season, blaming it on preserving the 2nd year quarterbacks health.

On NFL Network’s “NFL Total Access Kickoff,” Michael Irvin said that Mike Shanahan shouldn’t get the benefit of the doubt because of the coach’s history of problems with star players in Washington.


“You are tearing him down,” Irvin said of Griffin. “I doubt that any man could come back from this — walking around three weeks around these guys that you have to lead.”

“You think they would do this to Andrew Luck?” Irvin asked.

Would you bench Andrew Luck.

No seriously though.

It’s hard to bring race into the matter because of how erractic and awful Shanahan is with quarterbacks.  I think what Irvin was trying to speak on was the respect Andrew Luck is afforded.

Luck has had some awful games in his second year with the Colts, yet we would never hear of Chuck Pagano or Jim Irsay thinking of playing musical quarterbacks.

You mortgaged your future to acquire RG3.

Treat him like he’s that important.

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  1. Michael Irvin is a race-baiting sh**-monkey. Always has been. RGIII is WAY over-hyped, and all the coons jump on his bandwagon because of his skin color and nothing else. Glad to see he’s failing.

    • Wow! Enlighten you’re glad to see someone fail because of they’re skin color. Michael Irvin isnt the racist, you are.

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