Mike Munchak Says He Doesn’t Want Penn State Job


With reports that Penn State coach Bill O’Brien is planning on leaving for the NFL, there have been rumors that some NFL coaches might be interested in the Penn State job. First Greg Schiano denied the reports that he may want the job, and now Titans coach Mike Munchak is also denying that he is interested in the job according to NBC Sports.

“I did not reach out to anybody, and nobody did on my behalf. And I don’t have an agent. They have a coach there, and I have a job here.  So it’s just not true.”

“I am fighting for this job, to make it work. I am not looking for another job, and no one is looking on my behalf. I don’t know where [the media] comes up with that kind of stuff.”

We’ve also heard reports that the Titans plan to part ways with Munchak after this season is over, so if Munchak is indeed fighting to stay with Tennessee, the last thing he needs are rumors circulating that he’s planning on dumping them for Penn State.