Mike Woodson Takes Shot At Carmelo: Joe Johnson Never Needed A Timeout


Mike Woodson just got a vote of confidence from Carmelo Anthony in regards to his job status.  After making an ugly quote on Tuesday, Woodson might want to start looking over his shoulder.

The fallout from the Knicks ugly loss the Wizards is still continuing, and Woodson who has taken his fair share of the blame for the Knicks ugly loss Monday night, had his own culprit.

Woodson denied he had a brain freeze when he didn’t call timeout after Bradley Beal scored on a layup to put the Wizards ahead of the Knicks by a point with 6.9 seconds Monday night.

Part of Woodson’s logic, was that he was hoping Anthony would just take the inbounds pass after the Beal bucket, and make something happen.

Anthony slowly brought the ball upcourt and had to force a 3-point heave at the buzzer.

Woodson later explained that he should have called a timeout, but according to the New York Post, Woodson assumed that Carmelo Anthony would just do what Joe Johnson did all those years in Atlanta.

“I’m going to be honest,’’ Woodson said. “I’ve let games go like that. In Atlanta, I let a couple of games where I didn’t call a timeout because they weren’t set. We threw it in and Joe Johnson was able to dribble down and hit a winning shot. Was I thinking that at the time? Well, when Beno [Udrih] stepped out and Melo begged for it and he threw it to him, I didn’t stop the play. I let it go on. I should’ve called a timeout, taking it out of their hands and advance the basketball [to halfcourt], but I didn’t.’’

Woodson should have called a timeout once it was inbounded to get the ball to halfcourt, and simply draw a play up. Carmelo has just as much fault as well.

Once Mike Woodson didn’t signal for timeout, Carmelo should have did what stars do.  With 6.5 seconds left, Anthony could have at least gotten up a good looking two if not a layup.