MLB To Investigate Yankees President For Saying He’d Offer Mike Trout 10 Year Deal


Mike Trout


A slip of the tongue may end up hurting the Yankees in more ways than one.

MLB will investigate Yankees president Randy Levine for comments he made about Angels’ young stud Mike Trout on Friday.

During the Yankees press conference introduction of Jacoby Ellsbury, Levine chatted with the media about why he didn’t offer Robinson Cano a 10-year deal. Levine replied with the following response, via CBS Sports:

“Now, if it was Mike Trout, I’d offer him a 10-year contract,” Levine said, referring to the Los Angeles Angels’ 22-year-old center fielder. “But for people over 30, I don’t believe it makes sense.”

Big mistake. MLB doesn’t take kindly to team execs speaking–even jokingly about signing players under contract with other teams, it’s considered tampering.

MLB will further investigate to see if it was conclusive tampering–a serious offense. But one can assume if anything Levine will be fined and warned.

With all that said, Levine’s comments weren’t exactly wrong, afterall this is the team that’s still paying dearly for the Alex Rodgriguez contract from hell.


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