Nate Burleson Says Clothing Line Saved Him from Drug Addiction


When Nate Burleson tore his ACL back in 2008, the NFL star WR said he began to question himself and his abilities according to TMZ. Burleson says he felt that he was losing his football career, and the pain pills given to him to help with the injury weren’t making things any better. Burleson spoke about the situation candidly.

“I vividly remember sitting in my hotel room, with pain pills next to me, thinking I could take these pills and go down to happy hour at the hotel bar, and drown away my pain.”

Although Burleson says he never became addicted to the pills or abused them in any way, it was obviously definitely tempting. Instead he turned to his passion for designing clothes, and earlier this year, he launched his clothing line named Lionblood. To help kick things off, teammates Reggie Bush and Calvin Johnson have been seen wearing some of Nate’s items. According to Burleson, the line is already profitable and in stores throughout the Detroit area. Definitely a nice added touch to use the Lions name because fans of the team can justify supporting the line.