NBA Issues Warning Card To Heckler (Photo)

NBA Warning Card

During Wednesday night’s Pistons/Bucks game a fan claimed his or her “friend” was handed a card by an usher issuing a warning for violating the NBA Fan Code of Conduct. They posted a picture of the card on Reddit which read:

You are being issued a warning that the comments, gestures and/or behaviors that you have directed at players, coaches, game officials and/or other spectators constitute excessive verbal abuse and are in violation of the NBA Fan Code of Conduct. This is the first and only warning that you will receive. If, after receiving this warning, you verball abuse any player, coach, game official or spectator, you will be immediately rejected from the arena without refund.

I’m not sure if this is a good or bad idea. It is understandably fair to issue a warning before putting a fan out of the game, but will this card really encourage a drunk fan from hurling insults at players they know aren’t able to retaliate? I doubt it. Maybe the warning should also feature a picture of good ole Ron Artest. Now, that may make a difference, just ask Tyler Hansbrough.

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