NCAA President On Jay Bilas: I Know How To Run Complex Organizations Better Than Him


Mark Emmert

When asked about this thoughts on Bilas at the IMG Intercollegiate Athletics Forum, Emmert fired back.

“I appreciate how passionate he is about college sports. I don’t like the ad hominem (personal) attacks.”

“I dare say I know more about running complex organizations than him and he knows more about basketball.”

Emmert shouldn’t sleep on Bilas, in addition to being a wonder analyst, he’s also a Duke graduate with a law degree. He just might be able to run a “complex organization” better.

Maybe he’s mad at all the money he lost when Jay called out the NCAA website for being hypocritical by linking merchandise to players through their search field.


  1. That is funny because the NCAA is not a complex organization at all with only 300 employees. In fact that number of employees would classify as a small business.

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