Nebraska Fan Tells Commit the Program Sucks & Go Somewhere Else


The Nebraska football program has lost a lot, including the support of its fans it appears. CBS Sports is reporting that Nebraska WR coach Rich Fisher tweeted a picture of a Facebook message that a Nebraska fan sent to one of his top commits basically warning him not to attend Nebraska, since the feeling is that the program isn’t stable and wouldn’t be a good choice for any good college football prospect. It seems Fisher has removed the tweet but not before the word had spread.

The message came from someone who goes by the name “Husker Tom” and read as follows:

“just a warning that things up here in nebraska are very unsettled around the football team. they have ahd several disappointing seasons with bad losses and newspapers full of complaints about the coaching staff. Changers are inevitable either after signing day or next year. so make sure this is what you want and you don’t have other good choices. it ain’t exactly one big happy family.”

If this was a real Husker fan, then shame on you. Nebraska’s program has been under a lot of scrutiny, but the program can never get better when even the fans are berating the system. This may explain why Bo Pelini went on his rant a few years back.

3 thoughts on “Nebraska Fan Tells Commit the Program Sucks & Go Somewhere Else

  • Bo Pelini should be fired immediatley after the Husker’s bowl game! Eight and four isn’t good enough!

  • This was a fake Facebook page created by someone in Kansas. Not a real Husker fan. Why are you making this more than it is. Shame on you.

  • I’ll bet the email didn’t come from an actual Nebraska fan. I imagine this crap happens all over the country. I’d wager Alabama recruits are being told Saban is as good as gone.

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