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New Camera Angle Shows Mike Tomlin Stepping Towards Jacoby Jones (Video)

by Glenn Erby | Posted on Monday, December 2nd, 2013
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The local CBS affiliate in Pittsburgh should just back up the bus over Mike Tomlin as well.

Tomlin is already in hot water and facing a fine for inadvertently interfering with a Jacoby Jones kickoff return that was likely destined for a long touchdown.

CBS in Pittsburgh released a new camera angle Monday morning that shows Tomlin taking a step towards the field as he watches Jones sprint away from his team on the jumbotron.

The intent of Tomlin’s interference will go a long way as the league prepares to hand down penalties.

H/T CBS Pittsburgh

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  1. Jim Noonan says:

    Despite the crappy, lo-res quality of this video it’s far less damning than you make it out to be. Looks to me like Tomlin was surprised and trying to jump out of the way.

    • mb says:

      If you search there’s a better video from the front that shows Tomlin looking over his shoulder at Jones and not the jumbotron as he claims. You can also see him step in towards him then supposedly jump back surprised. Afterwards he gives that guilty grin. I suggest watching that cause this angle doesn’t show enough.

  2. Deon says:

    Wish people didn’t overreact so much about this. It clearly didn’t look intentional to be when it first happened and still dosent and Baltimore still won the football game.

    • jim says:

      He *planted* himself at precisely the most perfect spot to interfere but not be completely obvious about it. Then he looks over his shoulder. Then he steps towards the field. Then he laughs. Deon, I believe you are in denial.

    • RAJBIGG says:

      You undereducated and expect everyone to have blinders on as you do.

      If players get huge fines and suspensions for doing seemingly small things on the field should a coach be exempt? He was cheating and got caught.

      He is lucky he did not get suspended like the Miami coach did for doing a similar act.

      He cheapened the integrity of the game and is now paying the piper.

  3. jopa says:

    You have to be stupid and biased to think that was not intentional.

  4. Dan V says:

    Funny that Tomlin was about 40 yards upfield and was “intentionally in the play”………………people are making way too much out of this. He never stepped onto the field into the returners path.

  5. Andy Y says:

    He should be fined and suspended after seeing this angle. The talk of losing a draft pick is too harsh but he is obviously guilty.

  6. JMF says:

    Funny thing is if Jacoby Jones had just run straight into Tomlin instead of avoiding him, the refs would have awarded Jones a TD and all this debate would be moot

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