NFL Scouts Worried About Jadeveon Clowney’s Entourage & Family

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Such a fine line in determining if things like this should be legitimate concerns or just random stereotypes from people who haven’t done their homework.

The one thing I see strictly on the field is that Clowney can get a lackadaisical and frustrated if he isn’t playing well. Also, the variations of pass rushing moves isn’t there, it is mostly all athleticism at this point, which is why offensive lineman with good technique can handle him.

As far as the entourage and other stuff, it is really hard to say what effect if any it will have on his ability to be dominant at the next level. Bleacher Report breaks down some of the concerns NFL front office types have about Clowney’s off the field lifestyle.

Scouts like everything they see in Clowney once the ball is snapped. One thought he could break 4.4 in the 40-yard dash at 270 pounds. Two others said he clearly is the most talented player in the draft.

“There is nothing he can’t do when he decides to do it,” a national scout said. “The problem is he doesn’t always want to do it.”

It has been well documented that Clowney plays and practices only when he feels like it. Other red flags with Clowney, according to multiple front-office men, are his unusual family situation, his entourage, his inconsistent work ethic and the fact that he has worn out his welcome at South Carolina. Some suspect he is motivated strictly by money, and a big payday could leave him too satisfied.

I don’t know what they consider an unusual family situation. Clowney’s father was in jail for a portion of his childhood and he was raised by his mother, her boyfriend and his grandparents. Clowney is far from the first athlete to have a parent that spent time in jail, don’t see why that would have anything do with his performance on the field. We spoke about the inconsistent play and as far as the money, that could be said about any player coming into the NFL.

In the end, best way for Clowney to prove people wrong is on the field.

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  • Apparently this writer does not understand sports and scouting. See when you have a father in jail most the time you will not become a real man cause of the lack of a male teacher I.e. practices when he wants. And as far as entourage,having a lot of people free loading off you could come with a price. Learn sports and scouting Mr.Mortal and your writing will improve.

  • @CME, what was Ryan Leaf’s problem?
    Art Schlicter?
    Did either of these two convicted felons have a father in prison?

    • No idea BX but maybe not good parenting or lack of listening. Leaf was overrated by all means.

  • He’ll be washing my cars in about five years! Some people are carnies and that’s all they’ll ever be

  • I hope the Texans dont draft this dude, we will find ourselves in another losing streak for sure.

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