Nick Saban: “I never considered going to Texas”


Yesterday it was reported that Nick Saban was staying at the University of Alabama as the Head Coach. Everyone assumes that he made that decision over jumping ship to Texas but Nick says that isn’t the case via ESPN:

“The way this sort of got spun, it was a little bit more like, ‘OK, he got a new contract at Alabama, so he’s going to stay at Alabama instead of going to Texas,'” Saban told on Saturday. “I never considered going to Texas. That wasn’t even a conversation.

I guess I could believe that. If we never knew anything about Nick Saban’s history of leaving jobs. The school also released a statement on Saban’s new contract which is rumored to be between $7-7.5 million:

We are very pleased to have this agreement completed,” said Saban. “Terry and our family are very happy in Tuscaloosa. It has become home to us. This agreement allows us to continue to build on the tremendous success that we have enjoyed to this point – successes that have transcended the football field. We are excited about the future and the University of Alabama is where I plan to end my coaching career.”

It sounds to me like Saban will be retiring in Tuscaloosa. Just like his wife said.