Notre Dame to Play in Pinstripe Bowl



This has to be one of the most epic “fallen from grace” stories. Last season Notre Dame played in the national title game against Alabama, and was shamefully outmatched. Just a mere season later, the shame is even worse.

ESPN announced that Notre Dame accepted a bid to the Pinstripe Bowl in NYC. Brian Kelly also announced it via Twitter and also spoke to the media saying the following:

“Quite simply, we are thrilled to bring our football program to the New Era Pinstripe Bowl. We were privileged to play in New York City and Yankee Stadium in 2010. The treatment our University received from the Steinbrenner family, the New York Yankees and the entire organization was unlike anything we’ve experienced in my tenure at Notre Dame.”

Notre Dame finished the season 8-4 and waits to see if either Rutgers or Houston will be their opponent in the Pinstripe Bowl.

One thought on “Notre Dame to Play in Pinstripe Bowl

  • Brian Kelly won’t get the Tyrone Willingham treatment, but Irish boosters are definitely not pleased!

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