Oregon FB Player Suspended For Attacking Professor With Snowballs (Video)


The Oregon Ducks don’t have a huge bowl game to play in, so we can assume from this video that they have a little to much free time on their hands.

Some University of Oregon football players will face “disciplinary actions” for participating in an ugly snowball fight that went viral online, coach Mark Helfrich said in a statement.

Unidentified players reportedly organized the snowball fight and more than 100 students participated. According to video, the group stopped several cars and pelted them with snowballs and dumped containers of snow on windshields.


In one case, a driver who got out of the car – identified by KATU-TV as former professor Sherwin Simmons — was hit repeatedly and had a large container of snow thrown on him through the driver’s side door.

“On Saturday, I was made aware of an incident that occurred Friday afternoon during the snow day involving multiple Oregon students including members of the football team,” Helfrich said in a statement. “The behavior exhibited in the video is completely unacceptable and dangerous. We take this matter very seriously and disciplinary actions have begun.”

School administrators confirmed that things went to far.

“They started out having good fun, it kind of went to a mob mentality and in the end I don’t believe — I don’t know everybody this happened to — but I don’t believe anyone got hurt,” university administrator Krysten Mayfair told the Oregonian. “Yes, they broke student conduct code and if the UO has a procedure for that then that’s what should happen.”



One player has been suspended.

The Oregonian’s Andrew Greif reports tight end Pharaoh Brown is suspended from the Alamo Bowl for his part in the snowball fight.

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  • Nothing harmful at all. Why are they investigating this ? Waste of time, they should be investigating real crimes. Not 18-22 year Olds throwing snowballs.

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