Paul Pierce Blames Inconsistency On Lack Of Playing Time


This statement is a bit odd, and the timing is as well.

Despite having a right hand that is still not completely healed, the New York Daily News is reporting that Brooklyn Nets forward Paul Pierce thinks his struggles are from a lack of playing time, and not his injured hand.

“When you’re coming off the bench, you’re not a primary option and when you sort of get in, you try to kind of force things,” he said. “You don’t get the looks every night that you usually were getting over the year. I’m usually the third of fourth option when I’m on the court and sometimes it’s going to be like that. Minutes over the last few games have been different. I played less minutes last game, less minutes this game. So when you have the inconsistency in the minutes, sometime you have inconsistency in your play.”

Pierce has to make up his mind at this point.  Either he’s comfortable being a substitute or he’s not, but he needs to make up his mind.