Peyton Manning Disagrees He’s A Bad Cold Weather QB

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Despite what critics think, Manning doesn’t believe his game changes in the cold, even despite statics.

Peyton Manning was asked a series of questions pertaining to his performance in the cold and according to his answers… What change?


Asked whether he thinks he’s a different player in cold weather, Manning simply said, “I don’t.”

Asked why he thought he wasn’t a different quarterback in cold weather, he added only, “That’s not how I feel, so … did I miss the question?”

He now wears a fitted glove on his throwing hand in rain or cold and snow. He wore gloves on both hands in New England when he threw for 150 yards, and a glove on his throwing hand this past weekend in Kansas City when he finished with 403 yards and five touchdowns.

“It’s just part of the adjustment I’ve kind of had to make,” Manning said. “I’ve said that I’ve had to make a lot of changes at this point in my career. I’m kind of coming off an injury and different team. It’s just been part of the adjustment … and still working through it kind of each time that I wear it.”

Manning is 3-7 in temperatures below 32. In his 16th year, is it fair to judge him off of 10 games?