Photos of D Wade’s Baby Mama Ex-Lamar Odom Mistress Sandrina Schultz


Seems like she gets around.

She was running to everyone this summer talking about how she had an affair with Lamar Odom and now she has hit the jackpot with Dwyane Wade’s baby.

There was a story earlier in the year about how she participated in orgies with D Wade and was paid 4k for her troubles.  Good luck with all that D Wade.

Sandrina Schultz D Wade


  1. That little check Gabby gets from white owned B.E.T. isn’t enough to satisy her dreams of living like a basketball wife! Like most women, Gabby has champagne taste and a kool aid bank account. Hollywood will never promote her to A-list. Dwayne Wade is her only option to riches and diamond rings. She already has the ring!

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