Piers Morgan Gets Drilled by Cricket Balls From Ex-Player Brett Lee (Video)

Piers Morgan


I have a lot more respect for CNN personality Piers Morgan after witnessing the cruel and usually punishment he received from former Australian fast bowler Brett Lee at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

It won’t surprise you if you’re familiar with the antics of Morgan, that his mouth got him into this mess after he labelled the English cricket team for being quitters via the Syney Morning Herald when a few of their players left a tour prematurely according to Bleacher Report.

At least I’d stand there, I wouldn’t go home. We seemed to have rolled over like a little puppy dog and said, ‘take us down.’ It’s not some tea party where you give up after the first cup doesn’t taste right.

Well Lee challenged Morgan to stand in the crease and face some live fast crickets balls (which are pretty hard if you didn’t know) to which he agreed and this is how that went.

Lee who seemed to be quite pleased with himself, told the Daily Telegraph that Morgan received a few bumps and bruises from the encounter.

He got hurt but he didn’t get maimed, so that’s a positive step. You have to give full credit to the guy—he’s going to be really sore tomorrow.

He has a serious, serious bad lump on his wrist, he got a couple (in the) ribs, one on the back—that noise it made was a sickening blow. But he kept on going, so you have to take your hat off to the guy.

The biggest smile around the ground was from Mitchell Johnson I think. I looked over at Mitch and he gave me a wink, he was quite chuffed.

Morgan seemed to take it all in stride though even going as far as to credit himself for inspiring the England cricket team.