Pistons Andre Drummond Thanks Dwight Howard for Kicking his Butt Last Night

andre dwight


Dwight Howard took Andre Drummond, a player who has been compared to him from the time he entered the league, to school last night.

In the absence of Houston Rockets leading scoring James Harden, Howard dropped 35 points on 13-of-18 shooting, 19 rebounds and five assists in a 114-97 victory over the Detroit Pistons.

Drummond was basically a non factor all night due mostly to Howard’s dominance and foul trouble but instead of harboring ill will towards the Rockets big man, he thanked him.

“I thanked him. I told him thank you for teaching me something,” Drummond said. “It was my first time playing him, it was definitely a learning experience for me.”

Well that’s new. Not sure if that’s how I would’ve handled it but I give him props for seeing the bigger picture. Drummond is a rising star in the NBA and the time will come when Howard may be thanking him but for now, he took his whooping like a man.