Rajon Rondo Already Preparing to Become and NBA Coach


Rajon Rondo believes he has 1o years of good basketball still ahead of him, but the Boston Celtics’ star is already preparing himself to coach after he’s done playing.

According to the Boston Globe, Rondo who credits watching Doc Rivers for a lot of his enthusiam, definitely plans to be a NBA head coach at some point.

“I have a long way to go,” Rondo said. “And obviously I want to play for another 10 or 11 years. But it is something that’s in the back in my mind. And it starts now. I think the process is starting now.

“I think it just comes natural, with me being so vocal on the court, knowing everything out there on the court — what’s going on, play-calling, guys who have it, guys who don’t have it.”

“I watched Doc [Rivers] for seven years,” Rondo said. “I watched how he handled certain players, how he handled certain situations, how you handle a four-game losing streak, how you handle a 10-game winning streak.”

I agree with everyone else.

The mercurial point guard will make an excellent head coach one day.