Rajon Rondo On If Boston Is Home: I’m A Celtic Right Now


Rajon Rondo is a Boston Celtics player right now, but his contract does run out after next season.

The Celtics star point guard is currently embroiled in rumors about his future, despite the fact that he’s trying to recover from a torn ACL.

Rondo who hasn’t really opened up about his future, told the Boston Globe that “he’s simply a Celtic right now.”

“People talk, media talk, people make up rumors, people run with them,” Rondo said after the Celtics’ shootaround Tuesday before they played the Brooklyn Nets.

“That’s about it. I haven’t spoken to him. He ain’t contacted me. It’s just rumors.”

When asked if Boston is home and he is a Celtic, Rondo said, “I’m a Celtic right now.”

Rondo’s contract expires after the 2014-15 season.